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A Few Words About Me

Certified Organisational Coach, PhD

Academic training

I was born in France and have lived and worked in Portugal, Bolivia, England, Spain and Australia. I have an engineering degree in applied mathematics from the INSA, France and a PhD degree in Biomedicine from the EMBL-CRG in Spain.

Since then I have been working as a post-doctoral researcher in Bioinformatics at the Walter and Eliza Hall Research Institute of Medical Science in Melbourne for the past 4 years.

I am really passionate about helping people progress in their career and I funded my Kintsugi coaching business in 2019. I have been formed through different programs of leadership, coaching and entrepreneurship (more details in my CV below).

Certified Organisational Coach CV

My passions projects

I am particularly concerned by the low rate of female participation in STEM and STEM careers. As such, I have become involved in several associations aimed at empowering women and raising awareness and interest among high school girls.

I am the vice-president of the non-for-profit R-Ladies Melbourne Inc which is Australia's first R Programming community for women that exists to promote gender diversity. Our organisation was founded in September 2016 and since then, we have reached more than 1,300 members. Between 2016 and 2019, we have organised monthly events covering a wide range of R programming tools and we are pro-actively searching for women programmers that are willing to take the opportunity to present their work in a friendly environment. I recently received the Kellaway Excellence Award of Education for my involvement in this community.

Additionally, I was involved in the BrainSTEM high-school mentoring program across Victoria. Between March and June 2018, I mentored regional female high school students in the Regional Girls Innovation Challenge to lead a novel science innovation project.

I also joined the Women in Science Parkville Precinct (WiSPP), which is a collaborative effort across five of Australia’s largest medical research institutes to boost the number of women involved in science leadership. I am part of the individual development group that organises development workshops and events of high quality aimed at addressing the barriers and enablers behind the participation and leadership of women in science.

While offering technical skills workshops together with these associations is important, I also felt that there is a need to help women identify the individual factors that contribute to their participation, achievements and career progression. As such, I became involved in the Accelerated Leadership Program organised by Women & Leadership Australia. In this program, I conducted a survey that assessed self-professional worth and examined how to promote gender equality by identifying other individual factors that could contribute to women’s participation, achievement and progression.

Based on the results of this survey and information from the literature, I started to organise coaching sessions aimed at helping more women to identify the factors and limitations of their career progression and to empower them to achieve their professional goals. As a certified Organisational Coach from the IECL, I want to make a difference for women in science. I am really enthusiastic about my role as a coach because I feel it is helping me to achieve one of my long-term goals, which is to empower women by providing developmental opportunities for successful leadership among STEM professions and strategies to grow and thrive.

Individual or Team Coaching Sessions

A one on one or team coaching series typically involves one-hour face to face or online coaching sessions.

Our estimated coaching engagement will be over a few weeks and we will dedicate time to identify hidden strengths and aspirations to grow and build your career with engagement.

Specific goals are identified and developed to provide solution focused on the career advancement.

Group Career Development Workshops

Ideal for group settings, we can tailor career development workshops for your research institute or research group.

Our group coaching sessions will help you identify important factors for your career progression and provide an action plan to empower you to achieve your professional goals.

Success of academics

I conducted an international survey to examine individual factors that contribute to academic's participation, achievement and progression.

For both genders, this research has shown that the key factors found impacting the success of academics are the confidence in their skills and their negative beliefs.

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Mission: To Make a Positive Impact in your Professional Career!

In our first meeting we will have the opportunity to clearly identify and prioritise the development objectives that you would like to focus on, based on the areas you have identified you would like to work on in our coaching assignement.


By offering one-to one coaching sessions and career development workshops, one of our aim is to help women identify the factors and limitations of their career progression and empower them to achieve their professional goals in order to better tackle the gender gap in STEM professions.

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