Kintsugi Coaching - Bringing out the gold in you


Academic Career Coaching

Typical outcomes for researchers who commit to Kintsugi coaching include:

  • Gain confidence and develop a growth mindset
  • Optimise time management by maximising goal setting skills,
  • Uncover limiting beliefs and reveal hidden strengths and aspirations,
  • Learn how to multitask effectively to improve work-life balance,
  • Improved leadership skills and conflict management,
  • Increased insights into themselves and their team,
  • Develop advanced communication skills,

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Kintsugi Philosophy

Kintsugi means literally to join with gold Kin = golden and tsugi = joinery.

In Zen aesthetics, the pieces of a fragmented pot should be carefully picked up, reassembled and then glued together with a very luxuriant gold powder.

The precious veins of gold in the brain are there to emphasise the beautiful and strong learnings outcome of the Kintsugi coaching. Let them reming you that you are strong!

Benefits of Kintsugi coaching

Which coaching services do I offer?

I offer individual coaching sessions, group coaching workshops and team coaching sessions.

What is coaching? Coaching is a structure conversation with questions to identify strengths and challenges and guide a person towards reaching their potential at work and professional objectives. A fundamental part of coaching is asking questions, exploring intentions and goals.

In our coaching assignement, we will dedicate time to examine your aspirations, identify your strengths and explore strategies that can support you to achieve your professional goals. The intention with Kintsugi coaching is to support individuals at all levels to grow and build their careers with engagement.

Individual or Team Coaching Sessions

A one on one or team coaching series typically involves one-hour face to face or online coaching sessions.

Our estimated coaching engagement will be over a few weeks and we will dedicate time to identify hidden strengths and aspirations to grow and build your career with engagement.

Specific goals are identified and developed to provide solution focused on the career advancement.

Group Career Development Workshops

Ideal for group settings, we can tailor career development workshops for your research institute or research group.

Our group coaching sessions will help you identify important factors for your career progression and provide an action plan to empower you to achieve your professional goals.

Success of academics

I conducted an international survey to examine individual factors that contribute to academic's participation, achievement and progression.

For both genders, this research has shown that the key factors found impacting the success of academics are the confidence in their skills and their negative beliefs.

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What are the benefits of career coaching service?

From our experience, typical outcomes for people who commit to coaching include :

  • Develop strategic thinking abilities in terms of outcomes and capability to deliver outcomes,
  • Learn to maximise goal setting to prioritise and manage time more effectively,
  • Improved delegation skills,
  • Uncover limiting beliefs and reveal hidden strengths and aspirations,
  • Gain confidence and develop a growth mindset

In our first meeting you will have the opportunity to clearly identify and prioritise the development objectives that you would like to focus on in our coaching assignement.

The coaching agreement will be tailored to your goals and needs ensuring professional ethics (respect, confidentiality about content, coach feedback and transparency).

Kintsugi Philosophy